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Who do you know that is 20 years old produces, mixes, masters, DJ’s and is an insane lyricist whose joint EP with Wombat is sitting at Number 1 on the iTUNES Electronic chart?   Let me introduce you to NERVE

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Nerve started off 2017 with the release of Snot Rocket, and not long after that Syntax Junkies dropped a 22 track L.P that Nerve features on. Nerve also produced 11 of the 22 tracks.

Nerve is the dopest & hardest working artist coming up in Brisbane right now. Tucked away in his bedroom, or at Syori records, Nerve gets shit done. To accompany the dope music he makes, he also boasts the best visuals in the game (props to KYEL GOLLY). 

I recently went along to Nerve’s latest show “Nerve & Friends” @ the Brightside, hosted by Spacecowboy. To be honest, I have not experienced an Australian rap show as hype as that. They filled the venue, nearly got shut down & was accompanied by a naked flip..

I’m interviewing Nerve to celebrate the release of his collaboration EP “NIGHTSHIFT” with Hobart’s very own WOMBAT. Before we get into it, shout out to Wombat. Get the fuck around him, he is mental.


You dropped snot rocket at the start of the year, tell us about that track.

Snot rocket was just a bit of fun really. I chopped up a Spanish record I bought for $5 at Butter Beats, wrote 60 or so bars over it, and basically tried to say as much clever bullshit as I could. It got a great response so I’m stoked about that.


Who has inspired your sound as a producer, and as a rapper?

As a producer in hip-hop: Dj Premier is the absolute king. He’s a perfect example of “less is more”, which is a big rule I go by with music. Same goes for Grime with Sir Spyro and Ruff Sqwad. As an emcee it’s hard to say. I grew up on lots of Aesop Rock and Mobb Deep and learnt a huge deal of technical skills from Mesc and Spekter from Syntax Junkies.

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Australian Rap has an odd stigma to it, so many different sounds and genres, who do you think is on top at the moment? 

“Australian Rap” is almost a meaningless term at this point. There’s so many types of “Rap” coming out of Australia at the moment that it’s hard to nail it down to a single umbrella term like that. In terms of creating a brand, marketing and fiscal success, you can’t really go past Kerser and ABK being at the “Top”. But artists like Wombat, Skrub, Mitchos da Menace, Huskii and Alex Jones are always making waves whenever they drop new projects. 

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You’ve recently played shows in Tasmania + Melbourne, whats the reception like there compared to here in Brisbane?

Tasmania, specifically Hobart, was brilliant. There was such a friendly Hip-Hop scene down there and I felt welcome straight away to collaborate and work with other artists such as Wombat, Greeley and Dunn D. Melbourne has also been incredibly energetic with shows like 50/50’s Fully Gassed which are essentially just free-for-all grime massacre’s with all of Australia’s best Emcees. The latest one packed out completely and was one of the best gig’s I’ve ever played.

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Tell us about the collab album dropping with Wombat.

The “Night Shift” EP is a 6-track grime EP produced by myself and written by wombat and me. We basically aimed for a barrage of high-energy tracks with no filler that would reflect how UK grime can be introduced to Australian hip-hop culture. The EP features Webb Shells and Jafro (UK) and will drop on September 27th across all digital platforms and CD hard-copy.

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Plans for upcoming shows and releases? 

I’ve just completed the final mixing stages for my solo 19-track Hip-Hop LP which should drop late 2017 or early 2018..

Go cop Nightshift by Nerve & Wombat here.. Hard copydigital download , on Apple music  and Spotify

Shout out




All Questions and Photos:

Joseph Crackett

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