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Oliver Marshall is a Videographer from Brisbane. He is one of the most creative people i know. He captures moments, then presents it in a way which is masterclass. He shoots mostly live music and has the opportunity to travel and tour with American Artist, GOLDLINK.

I asked Oliver some questions about his profession and what its like to tour with a big name in rap.

Hi Oliver, What got you started in Videography?

Hey Only Odd, when I was younger I was really into editing and making graphics on footage. The shit thing about this was I had to use stock footage I would find on YouTube and it never fit the ideas I had so I said fuck it and took out all the money I had been saving for about a year from my pizza boy job and bought a camera with it. Shortly after that my good friend Matt Officen showed me a nightclub video and I thought it was the coolest shit and yeah I went from there.



How long have you been doing it for?

Only 5 years! I started around when I was 15 and I’m 20 now.


Is this your full time profession?

Yep, I work mostly in advertising and live music. I wish I could say all I did was live music and touring 24/7 but sadly for most shooters that’s not a reality. Luckily I also have a huge passion for advertising so I really can’t complain. I’ll never take for granted the fact I get to consume my whole life with what I love doing, there’s not many people that have that privilege.


You are very talented and have such a creative approach to film. What inspires you?

Damn Only Odd you’re too kind. I’ve always thought our work is built by our past and what we surround ourselves with. So I take inspiration from life events, my friend, my environments, my family and whatever else surrounds me. My work is a reflection of my life and same with other shooters, you can really associate their work with who they are as a person.


Have you toured with many artists ?

Not enough. I’ve done a bit of touring here and there for some guys but I’d love to do more. I’ve done a lot of just one or two show runs but in terms of entire tours not enough. Like I said before, I’m only 20 so I’ve got time to build my empire. I really want to lock down with one artist or management label and just deal with their content.


How did you get this opportunity to tour with Goldlink over Asia?

I met GoldLink at 2015 Laneway when I was doing some filming. His management liked my stuff so I ended up doing his 2015/16 New Year’s run around Australia and New Zealand which was so much fun and that grew my relationship with the whole team so they got me back for Asia and yeah hopefully there’s many more to come.



What is it like to have you art recognised by someone like Goldlink and him have trust in you to capture his tour?

It means so much to me because GoldLink is someone I really look up to creatively and have a lot of respect for. To have someone like that appreciate your work is crazy.

What are some of your Favourite moments from this tour?

The show in Tokyo for sure. There was 1200 people crammed into this 900 capacity room, it was so hot and sweaty but there was so much energy. Those are the best moments and remind you why the 10 hour plane ride and zero sleep are all worth it.


What Camera do you shoot on?

For touring and music stuff I go Sony a7sii. It’s so little and powerful. For stills I’ve got a Canon 6D and a Canon 1000 which is a cool little film camera. I also bring around a couple of Fuji instant cameras that I try to give to the crew so they can be shooting and capturing moments I would never get.


Advice to other videographers who are looking to take the same pathway as you?

Everyone needs to chill really hard on the Sam Kolder transition. If you don’t know what that is Google it and you will recognise it from every second video you see on the internet. Okay my legit advice would be, make sure you fully understand all the fine aspects of filming and editing. Most kids these days just jump on a camera start recording expecting to be the hottest shit. You really need to take time to build a solid foundation by learning all the boring stuff like specific export settings and understanding picture profiles and how they affect your image. It’s not the most exciting thing but by understanding all these small aspects your overall product will be so much more powerful.




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