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Interview, New Music
Imbi The Girl recently released her first single titled “acidic
Within the first few weeks of release “acidic” has made it onto local Brisbane community Radio station 4zzz, FBi Radio and Triple j Unearthed radio. With 2,348 (and growing) plays on soundcloud Imbi’s song is not slowing down.

I was lucky enough to get in contact Imbi the girl and ask her a few questions about her music and more.


Tell us a little about yourself! 

oh gosh, where to begin? i guess, in the grander scheme of things i’m just your average complex being trying to figure things out hahaha.
my name’s imbi.

Are you currently studying music?

no, actually ! i did music for my hsc but after the ‘gap year’ experience i had, study didn’t exactly fit my lifestyle~

You recently released your first single titled “acidic” (congrats)
tell us about the meaning behind it?

thanks !
it’s really about a kind of intangible experience. it’s all very real but still it exists only in your head so no one else can validate it’s existence. i guess in a way this song was a way to validate the whole thing, help others experience a part of the journey but also help myself grasp the experience and gain insight.

Is this track a solo effort or did you create this with a team? (if so who?)

the lyrics and melody are my making but the beats/production were all done by the ever-talented DeliPres. i’m working with them for my next few tracks so it’s become a really lovely, fluid process of production~ their the bomb.

Your single is so full of life and you have an incredible voice, can we expect more music like this or will you experiment different sounds ?

thank you so much, you’re making me blush. to be honest, i kind of just follow the ebb and flow of my style. as it develops and shifts so does my music~

my music is kind of just a very raw description of my current state.

Who are some artists that have inspired your sound?

fuck haha, where to begin ! at the moment, i’m really vibing with Kali Uchis, Ravyn Lenae, Smino, and noname but that’s only a very small portion of a very long list.

another incredibly notable inspiration in my creative endeavours has been Allen Ginsberg. incredible bloke, you should check him and his mates out~

You’ve been played on 4zzz, FBi radio and put on rotation over at triple j unearthed!
Did you expect this reception? 

i am overwhelmingly humbled by the response acidic is getting. i can’t really believe it’s all happening but at the same time, i love acidic, it’s a great track and it makes me groove so i was really just telling myself it’d make others groove too. and it looks like it is ~

Do you think triple j unearthed is the best option for up coming artists to gain exposure ?

i definitely think triple j unearthed is a phenomenal platform for young artists. it provides access to the music industry that you can’t get on too many other platforms (that i know of at least).

Do you have any gigs coming up?

heck yeah

Melbourne – 6/8
Wollongong - 9/8
Canberra - 26/8
Sydney – 7/9

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